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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XBOX ONE. Multitasking. 15 exclusives in year 1, 8 of them are new IP's. Halo mini series (Spielberg), NFL deal. FIFA and COD exclusive content.

ironmanDX said:
People are complainong about lack of games?!? 15 exclusives, 8 are new IP's year one!!

and from those half at least will be kinect only stuff. If what M$ has done in the past gives you some clues.

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bobgamez said:
dont mean to sound negative but call of duty ghosts doesnt even look that visually impressive lol

LOL yea. Character models, especially the dog, look amazing, but if you looked carefully they still have that "painted on" design for floors. I mean that instead of there actually being leaves on the ground in that abandoned house, they are just a texture design on the floor.

Still, there is a noticable increase in graphics, even if it's not huge.

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I liked the look of it. we'll see what's in store at E3

Well that was disappointing. I guess it was a bomb. Not totally. Some of the stuff they showed was cool but everything else I felt had no place. I hope they do a better job at E3.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

So underwhelmed.

So much interface stuff, Skype, TV and whatnot. And EA/Activision stuff.

Did they even mention the GPU?

I'm really worried.

But the name Xbox One was cool. It's a superb name.

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Anticlimactic end.

kowenicki said:
some people in here are kidding themselves


nice hardware, that looks solid and quality

exclusive content deals for FIFA and COD

halo mini series


you guys crack me up.

Yes indeed, highly impressive. Cold hard numbers and no doubt they've got the media stuff out the way to show those 15 games at E3. Good move, some people just need to find "hate" as it were.

I was a little let down that it was all about TV and not about the games, but then again I expected that with E3 less than 3 weeks away.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

TheJimbo1234 said:
walsufnir said:
TheJimbo1234 said:
Metallicube said:
Zappykins said:
Metallicube said:
Messin around in the hour before class.. What'd I miss? Any tech specs? Sweet games? Controller and console looks pretty slick..

Really slick fast transfer between games, TV, Music, Skype etc. - all verbal and super fast.

You can split you screen ala Snap like in Windows 8.

8 Gig RAM.

Time of Flight on the new Kinect.

300k new servers on Xbox Live (currently 15k).

8 new IP's at Launch!

Nicccce.. All that hype for PS4's 8 gig of RAM, and MS just matched it anyway.. 

Kinect stuff isn't my bag, but the 8 new IPs are good to hear! Though I wouldn't mind another Gears and Halo as well, which I'm sure will be coming..

No...they said 8 gig, not 8 gig DDR5

it's actually Gddr5...


There is no DDR5, it's GDDR5. I was correcting you.

Is it over ?

platformmaster918 said:
DamnTastic said:

Except for the halo series. Not impressed.

to be fair they were of course saving lots for E3.  I'm impressed with what COD showed with the more dynamic maps (one of my favorite things about God of War MP) and hopefully a better story with that writer from Traffic.  EA didn't impress me at all.  It was a bunch of atheletes talking and then kinda samey gameplay shown.  That Quantum game (forget the second word and I'm not trying to make fun I honestly did) could've used a bit more explanation because I'm not sure what it's about at all.  Forza looked good but nothing unexpected as in it looks better.  The controller looks the same but their fans like it so no need to change for them I guess

i find dynamic maps pretty annoying. Especially in games like CoD.