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Death stranding with 3 different Versions in the Chart, nice boost today

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DQXI with its final day, I wonder how it did on the top Switch games chart.

Farsala said:
DQXI with its final day, I wonder how it did on the top Switch games chart.

Best 3rd party game by almost 30 points.

9th place for all Switch games. 15 pts below Kirby Star Allies (8th), but 25 ahead of Super Mario Maker 2 (now 10th).

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StarCraft and Fallout 4 currently.

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Octopath Traveler

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I honestly have no idea what to expect from Death Stranding sales wise. I don't think this is something that'll do exceptionally well in Japan, but 100k+ seems like a realistic goal.

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I'm rather surprised by point drop off after Death Stranding. It goes from 11 points to 7 and then down to 5. I expected more games to be populating that 5 - 11 point range.

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P5, FF7, SST, and DS increase.

DanMachi and RgG7 enter the fray.

Sword and Shield double pack must be out of stock now. Nice boost for Pokemon!

People realized Luigi was a thing after it showed up on the chart, nice.

Good boost for Pokémon