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Boutros is drunk again?

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Total pts 348 (+74 WoW)

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Marth said:

Total pts 348 (+74 WoW)

Pretty weak result for Zelda, I hoped for at least 150 points...

It's COMG though, I'm not expecting much from it anymore ...

Anyway, why does that fishing game has such great legs ?!

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Some idea of the first sells for Switch Lite ?

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Update is for the past two days:

Thanks for the update, seems like DQXI still has some juice to give to consolidate it's place as the best selling 3rd party game on Switch ! (Well, with COMG at least ...)

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Not bad for DQ! Seems like Pokemon also has a bit of time to really make a push now


Nice jump for Code Vein. I had lots of fun with the demo they put out, and I think it can find a bit of success.

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Nice boost for Code Vein, released a New Trailer?