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Forums - Website Topics - Why is leo-j unbanned?

He's obviously too awesome to be confined! Why are we banning Leo anyway? Do people honestly get offended by him o.O?

cant ban Leo-j. he makes things interesting around here.

leo-j isn't above the law. He deserved to be banned and should serve out his entire punishment. If you got banned and had to wait the entire sentence while he came back early I know you'd be upset.

Besides he deliberately swore and spammed the forum asking to be permabanned after he lost the ban bet and made a topic about a fake Wii he "bought". Instead of asking why the mods keep banning him he should be thankful they like him enough not to permaban him.

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Riot Of The Blood said:
Why the fuck are you such a snitch, Soriku? Are you that afraid of him out posting you that you're willing cry to the mods?

 Calm down.  It's not like the fact that Soriku made this topic is why he got banned again.  As soon as he posted ssj12 or somebody would have taken care of it.

This thread is going nowhere...