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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict how long PS4 and XBox One will need to outsell WiiU - 14 weeks PS4, 52 X1

So PS4 won't ever pass Wii u you say. All of you predicting that were hoping for another crash, especially after weeks of wii u only selling 25k ww. How the hell could you even think that. Sony had 3 home console systems.

Ps1 selling 104 million
ps2 selling 161 million
and ps3 selling 82 million and counting
Which by the way, those are more home consoles than anyone ever.

and then somehow PS4 wouldn't EVER outsell wii u @ 25-45k aww. Laughable at best.

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Sharu said:
ninjablade said:
3-4 months.

))) Tagging this, just for future lulz... )))

How are those future lulz treating you?

Updated with final results.

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