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Forums - Website Topics - Are we in the dark ages? MODS WTF?

ssj12 said:

One last thing, for the rule not being on the rules page yet. Look, ioi has been working for the last few days on getting the predictions league up, and is planning on launching a few other features that you guys should enjoy. So take the ruling as an unwritten rule for right now as ioi has way more important things to do then hear people complaining about minor issues like this unless you don't want this week's numbers? I can always suggest him take a two week's vacation because he does deserve it.

That's interesting news. I guess ioi has his priorities in line with what you are reporting. I would like to see the rules updated before ioi adds new features. But that's just me. Something like:

3. ♦  Spamming is a bannable offence. Use common sense. Spamming will result in a warning and then a ban. Repeated use of responses that are four words or less will result in a warning and then a ban.

You state that "complaining about minor issues" will in some way delay this week's numbers. Is this true?

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Well, technically the code to post a picture is much longer than 3 letters with the [/img] tags and all..........

TalonMan said:
superchunk said:

He's proving a point. He obviously felt that he agreed with the OP and instead of writing a long drawn out idea that essentially said the same thing, he mearly brought the OP back to the front of the discussion.

That's the point and a good use of QFT.

All I am arguing is that the 4 word limit is just too much. Instead it should just be that if the mod deems your recent behavior as spam you will be warned/banned depending on the circumstances and your history. It really rather simple.

No, I understand the point he was trying to make - but why do it here and now?!?!? In a thread where there is already anomosity regarding these very acts and the outcomes that have been served - THIS is where we should make our point and do it????

As I said - I get DKII's intentions and I think I made it pretty clear above. And even CrashMan's use here would, in my eyes, not normally be a problem... just seems a bit incendiary with an intent to provoke a moderation reaction. That's called 'mocking' in my book.  :(




There was no mocking intended, and in any other context, I would not have been able to make the point I made by posting that. 

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I got a ban for just putting "lol" i think (nothing else). Was supposed to be a 3 day ban i think, but they let me off the hook after just 1 day.

Leo-j reported me, i know that because he wrote on my profile "hahha i reported you". Justice was served though, he is currently having like a 9 month ban.

Ah yes. Curruption... The perfect word for this situation

Wow... I applaude you guys for not being follower's and im glad you guys are sticking up for me.

Earlier what happend was complete BS. I could really give a shit I got banned,(Spam?! LOL? Reset my post count! I dont give a shit how many posts I have or vg$) But this was totally uncalled for.

SSJ12 has not liked my personality from day one.
When a past poster would be BLANTANTLY ripping ssj12 a new asshole. (Real trolling is what I would like to call that.) I try to have his back on forums 100% ...
But, for some reason he really gets off on banning me...It seems hes the only Mod who would ban weezy for being "weezy".

"Being 'weezy'? What the fuck are you talking about Gary?"

For example.. Most of the time all I do is crack jokes and try and make ppl laugh! In some peoples eye's i'm a total loser. (LOL)
Ive been weezy since I started up on this forum since April of '07
He stated he warned me earlier? that Warning was BS. I was warned for saying...
"crazyman wishes he was ken kutargi's mistress".

How is that a "troll" comment? Is crazyman not the most hardcore ps3 fan? I was being funny.

BTW im just glad this BS situation got straightend out and I hope ssj12 doesnt try to pull a quick one anymore.

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



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I lol'd at the mistress comment. Literally.

weezy said:

For example.. Most of the time all I do is crack jokes and try and make ppl laugh! In some peoples eye's i'm a total loser. (LOL)

 Oh Weezy, we're all losers here.