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$$ per year?

Under $100 11 9.24%
$100-$200 15 12.61%
$200-$300 12 10.08%
$300-$400 10 8.40%
$400-$500 7 5.88%
$500-$600 6 5.04%
$600-$700 6 5.04%
$700-$800 4 3.36%
The sky's the limit! (More than $800) 12 10.08%
To Infinity and Beyond! (... 36 30.25%

If I want it I will get it,


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No what I want when I want....but still look for best price....I am not gullible and pay the premium that EB Games charges.

I am limited right now because I am in University finishing my thesis. I will start my job in June and then my budget will be whatever game tickles my fancy!

I don't really have a limit. I don't spend to much though and have always been good with money. I'd say I spend maybe $400 absolute maximum (not including consoles) per year. I'd be pressed to do that too.

Probably around £150 a year. This year the only games I'm buying new are GOW:A, TLOU, Beyond and KZ:M. However if the PS4 releases this year my budget will go up to around £700

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i thought it was per month oh well