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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Breath of the Wild Arrives in 2022, Zelda Game & Watch This December


How do you want Nintendo to celebrate 35 years of Zelda?

Breath of the Wild 2 16 40.00%
Skyward Sword HD (you're in luck!) 5 12.50%
A full-fledged remake of an older game 5 12.50%
Ocarina + Majora remaster collection 2 5.00%
Wind Waker HD + Twilight ... 4 10.00%
Zelda-themed Switch console 0 0%
A brand new 2D Zelda 4 10.00%
Paper Zelda 2 5.00%
Other 2 5.00%

Zelda Game & Watch pre-orders are open in North America!


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Otter said:

Seeing the old enemies still play a big part is kind of jarring. A hopefully there's a lot more variety this time around.

Yea the trailer was sort of strange. The parts that reminded me of the kind of Valve-esque elements of Breath of the Wild (being able to teleport through the ground, repurposing gliders so that they now extend to high-altitude air travel with the floating islands, the water (?) gadget etc) were great. The parts that just looked like more Breath of the Wild were strange in that they actually seemed to appeal to the fears that people have been saying for a while now, I.E just exploring the same map again but slightly altered, having the same lack of enemy variety, etc.

I mean, I 100% don't think those will be actual problems with the game. I think Nintendo knows what they're doing with this game, the Zelda team is always very inventive and if anything they're pretty quick to respond to criticisms of their last game (sometimes by even going too far in the opposite direction, haha). But it really wasn't the best showcase of the game I think, even though I liked the trailer a lot. Like it literally ended on just the same Hyrule Field as BOTW, just now Ganon's Castle is in the sky, for the last 15 or so seconds of the trailer. That seems so memey, it's as if Nintendo wanted forum warriors to freak out with complaints  

Isn't this page broken for anyone of you? All our posts are somehow part of Wyrdness's post. Erased browser data and whatever, but it still looks like this for me;

I feel like time manipulation is gonna be key to this, like in the trailer when the rolling spiked ball is sent back along its path, basically temporally inverted. Both trailers so far also play what sounds like music played backwards. Time could be the primary new ingredient being added to the physics/chemistry system of the first game. (We already had stasis, but I'm talking about moving things forwards and backwards in time)

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I hope they keep the 4 abilities and add 3-4 new elemental skills (Wind, Fire, Water, bolt?)

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For some reason the page went funny when I tried to post a screen from the trailer since then I can't even edit the post to sort it out maybe a mod can just delete the post to try and fix it.

If the surface is indeed the same game world as BOTW1 then I hope that (A) substantial changes have been made to it to reflect how things have moved on since the defeat of Calamity Ganon, like new towns and such, as (B) that the sky islands offer a large amount of content to justify this feeling like a whole new game and not just an expansion pack.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

I have a hunch that the surface world will 'merely' act as some sort of a hub between the islands in the sky and underground areas, if what we saw in the earlier trailer was indeed underground. So the surface I think is much smaller than in BotW and maybe even made up of corridors (at least in TP overworld style), with a lot of the regions from the first game inaccessible, but it is used to move up or down at places. If you think about it, if the islands rose up from the ground like we see Hyrule Castle do, then those areas don't exist anymore and are, on the surface, now just a big hole or something.

But as how it goes with Zelda theories, this is probably way off.

It will possibly be a case of the surface not only being a hub but also serving as a sandbox area for people to test the limits of the mechanics. If you look at ALBW the were changes to the map from ALTTP but it mainly served as a hub to the alternate realm I can see the same happening here only on a much bigger scale.

This way the surface is a familiar experience with changes which you return to every now and then like a world map/hub while the sky is the bulk of the new experience. 

Even after 4+ years I'm still finding out cool new stuff in BOTW1; some here I hadn't heard of for instance:

I really hope BOTW2 is equally as deep and provides new discoveries for years after its release.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.