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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Breath of the Wild Arrives in 2022, Zelda Game & Watch This December


How do you want Nintendo to celebrate 35 years of Zelda?

Breath of the Wild 2 16 40.00%
Skyward Sword HD (you're in luck!) 5 12.50%
A full-fledged remake of an older game 5 12.50%
Ocarina + Majora remaster collection 2 5.00%
Wind Waker HD + Twilight ... 4 10.00%
Zelda-themed Switch console 0 0%
A brand new 2D Zelda 4 10.00%
Paper Zelda 2 5.00%
Other 2 5.00%

I sure wasn't intending to get these magnificient Joy-Cons at any point ...


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Check out this cool Link's Awakening DIY project!

Just re-tagging this thread to say that, while I wasn't a fan of Skyward Sword, I'm eagerly anticipating buying the Switch port/remake (If I can do more traditional controls, that eliminates like 70% of the problems I had with the game)

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Sorry I've been MIA! Time to catch up on some news!

These things are expensive, but pretty darn cool.

Hyrule Warriors: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as @TruckOSaurus calls it, hits 3.7 million units shipped! AOC extends its record-breaking run for the Musou genre.

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It's wild that folks are still finding new stuff in BotW, four years later:


23.88m total now for BOTW (both platforms).

Wyrdness said:

23.97m total now for BOTW (both platforms).


Check out this super cool time lapse video of artist Dr. Garuda sculpting Link: