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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: BotW Sells 30.7 Million Units Across NS and WiiU


How Many Units Will Breath of the Wild 2 Sell on Switch?

Less than 5m 1 1.96%
5-10m 1 1.96%
10-12.5m 3 5.88%
12.5-15m 1 1.96%
15-17.5m 5 9.80%
17.5-20m 9 17.65%
20-22.5m 5 9.80%
22.5-25m 9 17.65%
25-30m 9 17.65%
More than 30m 8 15.69%
RolStoppable said:
Mar1217 said:

I'm actually expecting Zelda TOTK first fiscal quarter sells to be about 10M copies sold. People can't underestimate how much hype this game will get once we get close to release.

I'd say close to 20M lifetime sales could be doable but even then, it'd be an insane achievement for a franchise that previously did not reach those highs

Your post could age like milk, so you better hope that today's Direct doesn't show us a Tears of the Kingdom that is an evolution of Skyward Sword rather than a better Breath of the Wild.

During the past 25 years the Zelda series went up and down. Ocarina of Time (well-received) was followed up* by The Wind Waker (not well-received) which led to Twilight Princess (well-received), followed by Skyward Sword (not well-received) which led to Breath of the Wild (so well-received like it hadn't been the case since the original The Legend of Zelda). Nintendo has to buck this trend for once.

*I am not counting Majora's Mask as the next big Zelda game because its working title was Zelda Gaiden (read: sidestory), hence why it lacked any reference to Ganon.

Guess I'll have to take the risk of making early risky predictions. Someone's gotta take on tbone's way !

Though we'll see after the Direct I might amend my prediction, just as I might not.

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RolStoppable said:

The Wind Waker (not well-received) which led to Twilight Princess (well-received)


And if you mean sales... Yeah Wind Waker sold around half of Twilight Princess' numbers... on a userbase roughly 6 times smaller.

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Literally the only thing about Tears of the Kingdom that is reminiscent of Skyward Sword is the fact that there is a sky world. Wow, they must be the same game. Nothing else shown looks even remotely like Breath of the Wild, certainly not the engine or the visuals or the way Link moves or anything, it really looks like a return to the Wii-era games. I'd be surprised if they didn't have mandatory motion controls for swordplay at this point.

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45 minutes to the next Nintendo Direct! I can't wait to hear more about Tears of the Kingdom :)

Yay Pikmin!

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There it is! Official trailer #2 for TotK:

The Nintendo Direct also previewed an upcoming collector's edition and new Amiibo.

I'll buy it for sure but yeah, a bit underwhelming after six years.

Maybe they're hiding something amazing, but it feels like just a lot of random stuff dropped onto BOTW, like a hundred mods at once or something made by a B-Team.






More info on Collector's Edition and Amiibo:

Seeing those vehicules, It really feels like the game is gonna gain way more liberty in the way you approach it's sandbox. Also cool flying enemies !

But it's quite clear they haven't shown as much as I thought they would there.

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The CE is up on Best Buy.

It was on sale but now shows only "Coming Soon"