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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Ships 3 Million Worldwide


When do expect BotW 2 to launch?

Q4 2020 0 0%
Q1 2021 4 14.29%
Q2 2021 4 14.29%
Q3 2021 3 10.71%
Q4 2021 14 50.00%
2022 2 7.14%
2023 1 3.57%
Never 0 0%
Jumpin said:
Mar1217 said:

I would trade mine just to see Studio Ghibli in charge of it.

If you and about 1000 others are willing to get their kidneys onto the black market and pool the money, that can be made to happen.

How about doing some dark magic instead, I'll invoke the devil so he can make my wish come true in exchange of my hollow soul !

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If momentum has remained consistent in pushing titles BOTW may at this point be at 20m total given the total was 19m at the end of March, also note that on NS alone it has outsold the prior 3 mainline installments (ALBW, SS, TP) combined, their total together also including the GC version of TP is 17m.

These numbers are just outstanding. And I would rather see Nintendo focus it's efforts on mainline Zelda games at this point. I don't have the biggest interest in remakes (although a Majora's Mask HD would probably be a day-one purchase.

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Lol, I still remember when I doubted 15m LTD for both Switch and Wii U versions. Now 20M Switch version is guaranteed.

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First 4 Figures announces a Majora's Mask PVC statue:


Timothy and the Mysterious Forest coming to Switch this year (it's already on Steam):

Definitely has some Link's Awakening vibes.


@S.Peelman :)

I'm 1 month late but the first Zelda movie has to be animated. I don't want a cheap live action movie of Zelda no ma'am. It could be some incredible animation like the Mega man smash 4 trailer. It would be so much better. I just fear the costumes and everything if they do a live action.

That said, with the huge new popularity of the brand and the incredible source material they have for a movie, i'm sure it could happen after the Mario movie if it's somewhat a success.

Veknoid_Outcast said:

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest coming to Switch this year (it's already on Steam):

Definitely has some Link's Awakening vibes.


@S.Peelman :)


Most of the sprites even look the same. But well, if you’re going to clone something, might as well clone one of the best games ever made.

Anyway, thanks for the mention, though I’m not sure, even though it looks fun, how much I would like something like this. I’m afraid I’d just be thinking about “the real thing” all the time if a game is this similar.

Also, that Majora’s Mask statuette is awesome, might have to get one, but I’m afraid to look at the price.