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Forums - General Discussion - 5 Reasons why PS3 owners are Superior to Xbox 360 owners (with chartz)


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*Walks off crying* What about us who own both and love both?


I doubt that guys over 6 feet tall with massive cocks and genius IQs would be as insecure as many of the Playstation fanboys we see on here.

My only theory is that the vast majority of those guys are out spending their free time getting laid and it's the other guys at home playing PS3 and Vita (well PS3 anyways).

enrageorange said:
Jay520 said:
  • The 360 is composed mainly of NA/UK owners. The PS3 is composed more of other nations.


To make 360 owners feel better. He was wrong about the height =P. And he didn't mention GDP for obvious reasons.



The European Union's GDP per capita is $34k(would be lower if excluding UK)
Japan's GDP per capita is 34.3k
United States GDP per capita is 48.1k.
United Kingdom's GDP per capita is 35.9k

Therefore it is reasonable to conclude the average Playstation owner is a poor peasant, who can't even afford to buy all the game he wants. And the average Xbox owner has far more money to spend on the things he enjoys.

Biggest countries where 360>PS3

United States(average height= 178.2cm(5feet 10.2inches) (BTW that should have been in your top 10 =P)
United Kingdom(average height= 176.8cm(5feet 9.6inches)

Biggest countries where PS3>360

Japan(average height=171.2(5feet 7.4inches)
France(average height=174.1cm(5feet 8.5inches)
Germany(average height=178.1(5feet 10 inches)

So in reality the average 360 owner is far taller than the average tiny ps3 owner. There is a small population of giants that own ps3s that live in the nordic region but they make up such a small percentage of ps3 owners that they are an abnormality rather than the standard. Sadly there is no stat on average height in European Union but it is certainly much smaller than in England or United States just by looking at how puny people are in the more populated countries of France(5foot 8.5), Spain(5feet 7), and Italy (5feet 8.5)

Plus the United Kingdom+United States earned more metals than the rest of the European Union and Japan combined, and with a much smaller population. 360 owners more likely to be olympic athletes clearly.

Plus his penis size article says that the data listed in said article is flawed. Can't argue the IQ test results though. I blame that they are skewed against Africans and Hispanics of which the United States has a lot of.

LOL, did you check your own list????

And yes, the US is in the top10.

Fantastic thread Jay520!!! flamewar all the way

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MoHasanie said:
Interesting that half of the countries with largest penises are in Africa. Wonder if its accurate?
Also, if you read that source, it says that Asians have the smallest penises, and that's where PS3 sells best, so your point is disproved.

that doesn't count, we only use few examples in our favour on vgc to prove our points. never would we really use accurate stats to compare something.

but good that this time it's only a joke thread but the last threads i saw using some data were all so wrong...

LOL. Best thread ever!

slowmo said:
Didn't the US and UK finish first and third in the Olympics thus proving 360 fans are stronger, fitter, healthier, more competitive and simply winners unlike their PS3 loser brethren!

That's not an average. People in the US+UK are far from being the healthiest/fittest in the world, or even close lulz.

slowmo said:
VGKing said:
Thread of the year.

The IQ is especially true. If you think about it, both the US and the UK markets are where Microsoft is doing well. Why? Because its easier to advertise there. Ads brainwash people. But those who are smart enough to do their research, are immune ads.

I would have said its easier to advertise and brainwash in China and North Korea...

Where PS3s aren't sold?

Number four is totally false since the PS3 isn't even available in some of those countries.