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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is the Wii U really sold out?


Have you seen a lot of Wii U consoles sitting on shelves?

Yes 94 23.21%
No 232 57.28%
I don't care about the Wii U 79 19.51%
coolguy said:
the white unit is not bad u just dont get the chargeing dock and other things iam going to hoook upa usb drive anyways so it dont matter if its 8 or 32 gigs

Digital Deluxe Promotion looks really really good (%10 back on each digital purchase for 2 years? Awesome.)

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RolStoppable said:
spurgeonryan said:
We have two whites left now here. After six months nintendo may want a price reduction on white.

The Basic Set is just a backup to say that the price of the Wii U starts with a "2". If it doesn't sell and the Deluxe Set becomes the package of choice (and thus $349 acceptable), then Nintendo will probably phase out the Basic Set altogether as they are losing more money on it.


it's definitely made to make the entry fee look appealing even if it is a ripoff for consumers in terms of value but I think there's a dedicated amount of people for it to continue buying it.I am getting the white basic pack and I am sure a lot of teenagers tight on money wouldn't care for nintendoland or accesories