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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Things you do if you do not own a Wii U yet~

Play Xenoblade Chronicles
Visit vgchartz on my new Nexus 7

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ill just keep playing Persona4Golden

Listen to the Killers' amazing new album.

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

Gaming on: PS4, PC, 3DS. Got a Switch! Mainly to play Smash

Im waiting for my 360 to get back to me after shipping it off for repairs so i may have a proper console to play on again. Im just not that jazzed about Wii U just yet

Finding an oppertunity to play my Wii all the while searching for someone that can repair my Skyward Sword game disc and to top it off, waiting for a call to confirm that I've been chosen for a job offer... -_-'

 And proud member of the Mega Mario Movement!
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*cough* You sell your 3DS to buy a wii U....

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Playing blops 2 on the ps3.cant waite to get a wiiu


Playing God of war 3, Assassins creed 3, getting around PS+ and gearing up for the last of us! have fun with mario................... :P lol ive been in and sussed out a Wii U but theres just nothing on it that gets me keen to shell out some cash for one but like most consoles give it a little time.

lol Fapp to your Goldie Hawn photograph in your wallet.


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In general? Well I like to play sports. I'm currently in the Airforce, going through tech school.
As for gaming? I play my Ps3. Nothing really changing since I'm not going to get a WiiU.

Currently own:


  • Ps4


Currently playing: Witcher 3, Walking Dead S1/2, GTA5, Dying Light, Tomb Raider Remaster, MGS Ground Zeros

It's wrapped up for another 6 days, I'm trying out Far Cry 3 online co-op atm.

Kinda sucks. From carefully staking out the place, sniping the tower guards, stealthily sneaking around to disable the alarms and taking out the bad guys silently one by one, it devolves into fight of waves of crap constantly spawning from different sides around you until you can move on to the next average set piece.

Main game until Vaas died was a 9.5 for me, great twisted storyline, lots of variety in missions, fun hunting animals for upgrades, all on an amazing island to explore.
Last third with Hoyt an 8. Story and missions kept going downhill with standard assault courses and you are pretty much levelled out by then. Expertly taking over bases was still great and jumping off mountains with the wingsuit.
Co-op a 6. Assault courses with annoying defend the place from random spawning shit.