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Scoobes said:

To be honest, I don't remember much of the game anymore. I remember the theory of the Junctioning system was brilliant (lots of options and customisability), but in practice it was ridiculously open to exploits. Like you said, Squall/Zell, Str 255 and Aura beat virtually everything. Even with Omega weapon I used the same tactic but just used heroes constantly (the Laguna card gives you 100 heroes) so I was effectively invincible. Maybe I played it too much because I remember having 100 of a lot of magic (100 Ultima, Curaga, Meteor etc.) so my stats were ridiculously high.

I wonder if it's possible to mod the PC version of that... I've always wanted to rebalance that game (And like every final fantasy :P, maybe not 7 hrmm.)

There's DX:HR mod that changes balance makes it a bit harder (not sure if better, but fun so you have to use different tactics), but the guy who did it screwed up the inventory system.

I'm going going quite off topic.

But I think the topic has gotten silly (I'd use another word except the OP is a mod heh), because everyones arguing ZOMG i can trade this pelt for this banana, and get this thong to put on my female, so the pelt wasn't useless, compared to I can just sell the useless pelt and buy this thong etc, in a thousand directions. ugh.

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Just downloaded KOTOR II (courtesy of our dear departed friend Khuutra).

Let's see if i like this one better.

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