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joseardzm said:
i agree, on the mario thing, super mario galaxy is a great game, but for example mario party didnt have the quality of SMG, and still sold millions, just because it has mario in the game, thats good for nintendo because it is for sure that it will sell good, but not as good for the customer.

Nintendo needs to create more characters with new adventures, to target a bigger audience and stop being seen as a childish video game developer.

No matter how many new characters and new IPs Nintendo will create, they will always be the company known for making the Mario games and thus automatically labeled as childish by immature people.

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Auron said:
Hated SMG but Mario should stick around. Maybe he shouldn't be whored out as much. Now replace Mario with Halo!!!!

if i understand that right... you're the first person i've seen on this site to say they hated smg.