Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can Americans Not Handle The Sight of Their Ancestors Being Killed in Assassinís Creed?

I admire his honesty. The marketing team are obviously chosing to portray a lopsided view of the game they feel will play better. I don't like it, but it happens a lot for films and the practice seems to be coming more and more to gaming : marketing decide which elements will sell and focus on those even if they distort perception of the product.

But as I say - I like the fact the development team are being open that the game actually isn't like the marketing depicts. Of course, it'll be bloody ironic if the game does turn out to match the marketing.

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I think it looks awesome! I'm excited to get it. I think it's really cool how it takes place in America. I'm related to Ulysses S. Grant (general in the Civil War, but oh well), so I kind of like American history

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