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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I was right all along... (Star Wars Kinect)

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The quality never was that important it is about the sales.


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this game isn't for me and not for many others beeing on internet sites like vgc or reviewing games but it's pretty easy that many people love these kind of games. just look at as example

i mean, 15 out of 24 gave it 5 or 4 stars. some gave it only one or two points but those are stupid if they really bought the game wondering that it's not a game for them.

it's the same with many other kinect games, many many people love them and many hate them, but it doesn't change the fact that millions have a lot of fun with those games (i have fun with it as well but i don't care about star wars kinect).

you can predict the metacritic average like you want, it still doesn't represent what an average kinect owner thinks about this game.
reviewers and people like here seem not to understand that some people have another taste. the input lag is a problem which is a fault by the developer and because of kinect. i believe kinect 2 will solve this but the concept is great for some people.

if you would let those people review games like god of war or so maybe they would give those games 60%^^  and maybe some of them wouldn't care about this star wars game without kinect even if it would be a 85% game or so on metacritic.

and that's the difference to let's say an ego-shooter like halo if it would get 55% on meta, this would be really a game almost noone would like.