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Forums - Movies & TV - Edit: Predict how well The Dark Knight Rises will do!

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Will you see this movie?

Yes 25 83.33%
No 1 3.33%
On DVD 2 6.67%
On Cable 1 3.33%
I will read the review 0 0%
I will wikipedia it 0 0%
Other 0 0%
See resultz 1 3.33%

I'll be the bold and say 1.4 billion.


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Rafux said:
TruckOSaurus said:
Erisian said:
I predict less takings than the previous one, franchise fatigue sets in again.

I realise it may not be a popular viewpoint but it's my honest view nonetheless.

I agree with you. There's also the fact that The Dark Knight had the whole buzz around Heath Ledger's Joker performance and his tragic death a couple months before the movie opened.

I don't think Ledger's death bring people to the theaters if so then The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus would have been a finantial succes.

I do think the Imaginarium would have done a bit worst without Ledger's death.

The Dark Knight is another story altogether because there was all those rumours about the fact that getting in the Joker character had taken a toll on Ledger and led to his death. I'm not saying I believe this was the case but all that talk around a role so intense that it could have a self-destructing effect on the actor who portrayed it surely ignited the curiosity of many.

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iBlah said:
I'll be the bold and say 1.4 billion.

I can live with that. Overseas right now is crazy when it comes to movies! That John Carter movie is still going to lose money ,but not because of the overseas crowd.

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1.3 Billion sounds good

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I'll be bold and keep in line with my earlier comments and say 950 millions

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1.1 Billion


1.15 Billion Worldwide