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Forums - Movies & TV - John Carter - a great movie.

I honestly loved the film thought it was the best sci-fi film to come out in years. I enjoyed the plot the acting was decent I loved it. Am going to buy it for sure there are so many poorly made movies lately this is a breath of fresh air. Could it have been better ya it could but it was damn good especially considering it was a live action Disney film. Everyone remember Prince of Persia it was alright but this movie clocks it.


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Casablanca is a great movie. The Empire Strikes Back is a great movie. 2001 is a great movie. The Fellowship of the Ring is a great movie.

John Carter is a decent action movie. The only thing that makes it note-worthy is that it's not as fucking terrible as most other action movies.

Still, it was loads better than I expected. I only watched it because the ticket was free. But despite not insulting the audience's intelligence with lame plot points in favor of just rollicking through the film, the best character in the film was a six-legged dog that runs really fast. Hardly a recipe for the Best Movie Oscar.

Really, the characters were almost completely one-dimensional and wooden, outside of an alien king voiced by Willem Dafoe.

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