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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The most disappointing video game sequels?

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enditall727 said:
Blast Caliber said:

Tales of Symphonia - Dawn of the New World

Whoever came up with those stupid characters, the story and this abysmal monster system should burn in hell.
Richter was the only at least DECENT character, but the rest... Urgh...

I still don't get why Nintendo got the worst "Tales of" I ever played while Microsoft got the best one...

wait what?? do you mean this gen?


imo Tales of symphonia 1 was the best "tales of"game last gen and that was on the gamecube


and atleast wii and 360 fans actually got a "tales of" this gen because ps3 fans STILL have not gotten a "Tales Of" this gen(excluding japan)


im glad that Tales of graces f is right around the corner though



I REALLY love Symphonia for the GC, but personal, Vesperia tops it (Sadly(?), I had to play it with a friend of mine, since I don't own an XBox). I even ordered the PS3 version a few days ago. xD

But yeah, it sucks that the PS3 didn't get a "Tales of" in the US and Europe yet. I mean, it'd be great if Namco would release Graces (F) for the Wii too and Vesperia and Xillia for the PS3 in the US and Europe...

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oniyide said:

Ill take your word for it, I played for a while, didnt feel it, went back to DD

That's nice of you, but I'll back it up anyway.

Here and one for giggles.

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arcane_chaos said:

Dragon Age II: I haven't beaten this games but HOLY SHIT Bioware!!! way to throw your goty-formula out the window...(and what with trying to make that ugly-ass flemeth a milf?)



RolStoppable said:
oniyide said:

Ill take your word for it, I played for a while, didnt feel it, went back to DD

That's nice of you, but I'll back it up anyway.

Here and one for giggles.

those are funny, im just gonna go on record and say I do think it requires skill and I dont think I could beat anyone, since a only played the game for a little bit

I actually liked Zelda II significantly more than the first one when they first came out. If anything, it is one of the most underrated games ever released by Nintendo. Today, I find the quality of Zelda 2 to be staggeringly higher than the first Zelda. After playing the games again on 3DS, Zelda 1 isn't even playable anymore (I don't know how I could even stand this game as a kid, let alone enjoy it) - whereas the second offers a very rich (and much smoother) experience that is only rivaled in Faxanadu and Dracula's Curse.


The sequel I found most disappointing on a Nintendo console was likely Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. It was really vague, I remember not knowing for months how to cross that damn acid field, and using the stake on the orbs was weird. You essentially needed a guide of some sort to finish it. 

Overall - Chrono Cross-

Chrono Trigger was one of the most brilliant and forward thinking RPGs in history. It had the best ATB battle system ever, which allowed for areas of effect, sacrificing mana + character moves to use spells/techs that were more powerful or had wider area zones. Most of the battles were scripted in, in a time when random encounters was the only good system (sure there were encounter systems like "Mystic Quest" and Lunar, but they were Inferior to even random encounters).

Chrono Cross was a greatly inferior version of Xenogears: Xenogears light. It also had a crap ending. Chrono Cross was an alright game when compared to Breath of Fire 3 and such, but it was a highly disappointing sequel to perhaps the greatest RPG ever made; the SNES version of Chrono Trigger.

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