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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros fighter of all time?

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miz1q2w3e said:
NintendoPie said:
blkfish92 said:
Everyone here knows Metaknight is deemed as a cheat right?


He isn't.

A quote from the SSBB tier article: "the presentation of a tier list creates a cycle in which players see the list, and choose only higher-tiered characters to compete with, which causes only those characters develop an advanced metagame, thereby reinforcing the high tiered characters' positions on the tier list"

Fast characters usually beat slower ones in 1 on 1 competitive battles, but this doesn't really affect regular battles or free for alls very much. For the most part, the characters are pretty balanced (moreso than any other fighting game I've played imo) and winning mostly depends on the skill level of the players

Ohh, cool. ^o^ I'm happy he isn't deemed a cheat.

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I'm actually a fan of Snake.

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NintendoPie said:

Ohh, cool. ^o^ I'm happy he isn't deemed a cheat.

He's still considered God Tier and a great deal ahead of other characters. As for myself, I don't mind playing against a MetaKnight, I have more problems against Snake players who are good with grenades.

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My most favorite is and will always be Link!


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BasilZero said:
My most favorite is and will always be Link!

I should have made a poll, so that we know who was the most used on this site. I guess someone could count them all up. But if I do that there would be a chance that Link would not win. So I will just keep saying to myself that he did win.

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tied 1st with fox and link. then mario. then samus. then kirby.


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