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Forums - Movies & TV - 17 Beautiful Photos From “Game Of Thrones” Season 2

haxxiy said:
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haxxiy said:
Scoobes said:
haxxiy said:
I expect the second season to rock a lot more because Clash of Kings is a far better book than Game of Thrones.

In GOT, you pretty much had a black and white morality, shakesperean cliched drama, impossible mendelian insights and weird metal melting points. COK is far better in this aspect, because you get to know more about the Lannisters, the retarded main character already died etc.

The fact a lot of people applauded GRRM for it just shows how low is the fantasy genre standards. I mean, there are books where the main character carves a statue to convert people from socialism to capitalism, and in another series you basically get told the three main characters are walking deus ex machinas, let aside the blatant sexism in both of them. It surely makes ASOIAF's flaws look small time.

I think you have to put GoT in context with the rest of the genre at the time. It works because it sets up the next batch of books which helped to turn the fantasy genre on its head. It makes you believe it's going to be your traditional fantasy series (90s fantasy that is) and develops into much more.

And I'm guessing at least one of the books your describing is by Terry Goodkind... yes it was very poor. What's the other with the 3 deus ex machina characters?

I see your point, though I don't necessarily believe placing a cliche only to subvert it is worthy any props. Even Eragon has it's moments of subverting, so yeah.

And you got it right about Goodkind, and for the other one, google "Ta'veren".

Oh, I just starting reading Wheel of Time... damn, lol!

Still, you can read the first three and pretend it ends there, which I guess was the idea before RJ started milking it. It's flaws as a whole get much worse with time

Just so you get a taste, the first book spans months, the seventh two weeks, and the tenth happens before the ninth. The same goes for other flaws - at the beginning they are just lucky and lots of coincidences happen, but by the thirteenth or so the Ta'veren effects get so bad people can't even act against the wishes of the protagonist. Oh, and he's a literal one-man-army who fulfil prophecies as they appear, too.

Yes, really.

Go read Guy Gavriel Kay instead, he's pretty awesome, though his series are mostly inspired by real life historical events.

I'll have a look. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Man I wish I had a way to watch HBO shows.

You do


I meant legitely

You might want to edit that though because I'm pretty sure you could get banned for giving a link to that website.

Really? D:

I'll change it then