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Forums - Sony Discussion - What Could Have Sony Done Different To Make The PS3 As Successful As Its Predecessors...

Troll_Whisperer said:
RolStoppable said:
No Blu-ray and no Cell would have fixed most of the problems (no delayed launch, no huge loss on the hardware AND a lower price for consumers, no abysmal launch that would lead to a loss of a lot of exclusive third party support) and as this generation has proven, these two things weren't needed anyway.

Although I love my Blu-rays, pretty much this.

Plus they should have worried less about Other OS, having a trillion USB connections, etc., and focus on having backwards compatibility instead.

Yeah I agree. Blu Ray is great and all its just I think it may be arrived a gen too early.

Its not like DVD held the Xbox back. Its 2011/12 and GOTY still ships on one DVD.

Also I have just one Blu Ray film. I also have the DVD and I cannot tell the difference after upscaling other than the DVD is a lot quicker to start playing the main feature and about a third cheaper.

The C3LL was massively overblown. Its just not that great after all. At least not that great for games devs anyway.

It was painful to watch Developers move to the easier to program for 360, but SONY only had itself to blame.

If the PS3 failed it was firmly down to SONY and HUBRIS.

I would also say a real dearth of good games for the first 18 months hurt the brand, but thats a prob every gen.

Nonetheless 4 years for a substandard GT iteration is not acceptable.

Still the PS3 may well be the bloody nose that SONY richly deserved but can use to shake them out of their slumber.

Cmon SONY get the PS4 right.


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Not telling their audience to go out and get second jobs to be able to afford their system would have been a nice start.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

Poor marketing and including the expensive Blu-Ray pretty much killed the PS3. going this route they would have had to release the PS3 at $400 for it to sell a large amount right off the bat. If they had done that, they would have losts even more billions, but they would be well ahead of the XBox 360 right now. If they had removed the Blu-Ray and used just a DVD, they would be ahead of the XBox 360 now. The Cell was expensive too, but taking out the Blu-Ray would have definitely drop the cost. Including both the CELL and Blu-Ray made the system to expensive. Sony also have very poor launch titles. Not a "AAA" anywhere in site. Then there were developers who complained about how hard it was to program for the PS3. Japanese developers actually flocked to the XBox 360 and Wii, because the PS3 was so tough to get into. Sony should be able to learn from their mistakes for the PS4.


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I think the biggest thing Sony could have done was lower the initial price. They dreamed big with PS2 compatibility and they built the thing with tons of unnecessary metal and other things. If the first PS3 had been a Slim (I know the ps3 has smaller die size on there chips now) costing $300 they would have crushed Microsoft. Secondly I would have timed it better, if they had been ready before/closer to Microsoft and some how had a decent lineup of games it would have helped a lot. But we all know the PS3 was rushed and many versions of it were scrapped before the first PS3 even hit the streets and there wasn't time for devs to get more games then they did on the new hardware. That's my opinion.