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MasterVG71782 said:
theARTIST0017 said:
I totally agree with most people in this thread. But honestly there's a few simple things Nintendo can do to make the Wii U almost unbeatable.

1. And this is the most important, is the launch. Ever heard of first impressions? Reputations follow you and once you've made it clear what your like in the beginning, its hard to change people's minds later on. Nintendo must launch STRONG, and I mean STRONG. Launch with a true Mario successor like the 64 did. Launch with a Pikmin 3. I would say Zelda but we'd be looking at a 2013-14 launch period which is fine with me. Launch STRONG. Not only that, a worldwide launch would be greatly appreciated but its not necessary. Launch STRONG.

2. Advertise intelligently. Why is this number two? Because advertising is the backbone determining the rest of the Wii U's "fate". If people know the Wii U exists, and it appeals to the widest range of gamers, (hardcore, casual etc.) they will buy it and 3rd parties will see that and more reason for them to support. Sorry, but the reality is that the mass of gamers rely on some form of advertising so that they know it exists.

3. Consistency. If gamers have to wait 5 months to get the next great AAA game, sorry thats a bit too long for our liking. Most gamers will jump ship, that's reality. This is where third party support comes in.

4. Third party support. I don't really need to say anything here most of us know what this is.

5. Internet. Basically this will tie into making the Wii U more of a media center and all this is the butter on the popcorn. But basically, gamers nowadays like more butter on the popcorn, so Nintendo needs to make the Wii U more like a personal computer with internets and what not.

And those are the most important. Although some people people would say harddrive but thats arguable, its not a necessity.

Everything else such as price, harddrive, colors perhaps, capabilities such as video chat which is there, thats just more butter on the popcorn and will somewhat effect Wii U's performance. Anyone else agree with me?

1) Well, with Skyward Sword coming out this holiday season, I think it's safe to say there won't be one at the launch of Wii U. I think Pikmin 3 and a new Mario would be ideal for launch for first party. If they could get some big third party titles at launch, too, then they would be set.

2) Advertising is always a big thing for companies to do to sell their products. With this being a new console, they do need to advertise strong, big and smart.

3) That's something Nintendo dropped the ball on with the Wii. They had way too much space in between big name releases, and the lack of big third party support killed the chances of some people sticking around. I also think that having new IPs will help with this.

4) If they can coordinate with third parties and time their first party titles in the off periods of the big third party ones, they will do very well.

1) This is true. Unless Nintendo is hiding something -_- lets hope for the latter haha

2) Exactly

3) Yeah, hopefully it'll be different next time around.

4) Nintendo needs to go all out this time. Do whatever it takes to get exclusives and whatnot.


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