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spurgeonryan said:

I believe IGN gave it a 7? What xmen game?

7 is average, that usually means a reduced price purchase if it is my kind of genre, it is not.

The X-men game is: X-Men: Destiny, developed by Silicon Knights, but I am waiting for reviews of the Wii version to see how good is it.

I have the X-Men game for wii and let me tell you that game is not worth even 20$. The graphics are horrible (and I don't care much about graphics) the gameplay it's very shallow since you only have like 3 combos at best, you always beat the same guys and the "choices" are pretty plain and boring. On top of that the characters when they talk don't open their mouth which is inexcusable for a current gen game. Hell, even PS2 games had that techology, buy anyways im a fan of Xmen but this game is utter crap even in PS360. 

That is just such a huge surprise to me! These days games with this much attention usually are much better!

Yup, the game has potential to be an interesting brawler, but it fell short of all expectactive. It's a shame really because it could be a LOT better.
Btw, I knew D:San Fransisco was on the wii, however, I thought the wii version to be really crappy compared to it's HD counterparts. That's why I will play it on a friend's PC :P

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WTF?? People thought that Xmen game was gonna be good?? oh lord, that game was getting no coverage, at all. I think i saw one preview earlier this year and that was it. Whats even more LOL is that people thought the WIi version might be good. Are you for real? NOTHING was shown for the Wii version at all. Nothing was shown because the company knew the game would suck, the fact that there were no reviews available on day 1 should have sent a red flag up someone's head. They wanna take advantage of gullible X-fans and I guess thats what you gotta do. I rather just buy the books

Mr Khan said:
I'm also in the "i didn't know this game existed," boat

We're also talking about a franchise that's well past its prime. While it may not have posted numbers that dismal elsewhere, i'd say it'd have its work cut out for it even as a PS360 multiplat

Everything in this post. I heard absolutely nothing about the game prior to "omg it sold so bad!"


1. Nobody knew there was a Wii version.. probably not even most game review sites until a copy of the game landed on their desk lol.

2. Driver isn't the big selling franchise it once was (not that it did HUGE numbers but it was fairly popular during the PS1/early PS2 era), so if a game like that doesn't do too well on HD consoles, what makes you think it would do well on the Wii of all systems where the "core" gamer has all but abandoned it save for the occasional Ninty release like Mario Zelda Metroid and DK.

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