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MaxwellGT2000 said:

You really don't know what the hell you're talking about and never have.  I love my PS3 I hate people needlessly bashing any product and in my time I've moderated numerous people baselessly bashing Sony.  

The problem being the demographic that seems to support certain consoles or teams as they seem to group themselves as like to turn normal discussion into fights, needlessly, here at VGC prior to the surge in this demographic in 2008 we used to have little to no thread turn into these needless fights, it all fell under baiting and thread derailment, so yes those "2/3rds" that you claim would probably be banned if moderation still made sense, but for that matter you probably wouldn't last that long either, but I really wouldn't expect many of the people still left to realize any of this simply because they're the cause of the distruction of the community here.  

And with that I bid everyone a good day, unless I have something epic to state in the future I'm not going to waste my time with these "forums"

Really? Is that why you come back every other week and go on and on about how you don't post here anymore and hate the site, if you don't like it then go, we all know you left because you were sacked as mod, you would have stayed otherwise.

For the most time you've been here you've had a very antagonising, rude attitude, you likely put a lot of members off. Stop thinking you're so perfect.

And just to clarifiy, unlike you maxwell, regarding consoles ect, I don't ever post anything with intention to bait people, just giving my opinion on the matter.

@ everyone that wants to talk shit in this thread


No the real reason I stayed was because of my friends who one by one left, some of which stayed simply because I was trying hard for them, but then they went too and I had no reason to stick around for any other reason than the services the site provides, which are the numbers, and I can have an ignorant free conversation with a majority of the VGC community both past the few that still remain outside of these forums, so no I don't come back every week to say I left, only people without real leverage make shit up to try to get a point across, my last post on the forums prior to these few was August 7th and that was simply because I was specifically requested to post in that thread, prior to that it was June 14th... yeah that's every week alright... :D

I'm not mad, I find your pathetic gif posting hilarious tbh, shows what an angry person you are, Btw didn't you tell me not to reply as you wernt going to read it? Yet here you are

No maxwell, you left the day you were fired, probably because you didn't want people like carl gloating (rightly so the way you targeted him)

I didn't make anything up either, the only posts I've seen you make have had something along the lines of 'I don't post here anymore' Seriously if you don't like the site, stop telling us and go.


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OK, this has been derailed too much... locking.