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brendude13 said:
rf40928 said:
brendude13 said:

In England it is price at 29.99, not far off the basic RRP of most games, it's the same price point as all the HD collections.

Anyway, I might actually pick it up, I was going to start on Halo 3 but I thought I would need to experience the first...first.

If its only 29.99 in England thats cheap, especially if you're using the Euro..

I can pre-order most upcoming games for 34.99, so not really.

You dont get it.. Since the euro ( And the british pound ) are worth more then most of the worlds money dollar for dollar .. you may be paying LESS for any game compared to the rest of the world... They are selling Halo CE in most of the world cheaper then the typical price... In America a typical game is 59.99.. thus Halo CE Anniversary is  20 dollars cheaper then a typical game release... a decent markdown..

If you're from that area according to what im seeing you should still  save a fair amount ... Microsoft has confirmed to that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will hit the UK with an Estimated Retail Price of £34.99, some £15 cheaper than the average Xbox 360 release....but you also have to realise compared to most of the world people in that area are already getting a better value - since the money is worth more it goes further in every aspect -  how much food you can buy, etc... .. Understand now ?