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Nothing beats Goldeneye 007/Perfect Dark sessions with 3 other people.

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Having tons of fun with my Gameboy Camera

When i first played super mario world.
What a beatiful moment.

The first time I played The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. It was unforgettable.

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February 10th 2008.


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Getting into fist fights with my little brother during the course of playing NES games like Sky Kid, Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, etc. Those were the days.

(Don't worry, we were little kids back then, so we threw sissy-girly punches. I'm glad we don't get into fist fights anymore; my brother would wipe the floor with me.

To this day, my punches are still decidedly girly.)

NES - My grandpa had one, causing endless hours at his house trying to get far in Super Mario Bros.
SNES - Saw it once at a friend's house, but that was it. Thank god the games are on the VC.
N64 -I accidentally deleated my Bro's 120 star file. Still hates me for it.
GC -Wind Waker. Smash. Sunshine. Nuff said.
Wii -First playing Twilight Princess. Made me lose over 120 hours of my life (I've finished it 4 times.) SMG comes REAL close.

When I got my Nintendo GameCube Christmas 2003....

I was in absolute shock because I didn't think I would get one.

It completed me.

What´s your best Nintendo memory?

Playing thier great products with family and friends.


I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



Best Nintendo memory is still saving the princess first (when i was about 5 or 6) before my parents and still having arguments around the dinner table from time to time (18 years later when we get together) about who actually did it first and who figured out world 7-4 first.

Another great one was playing Contra with my dad. Even though we both sucked hard and couldnt hardly ever make it past the third level.

Lots of other moments too but a lot of them span across other systems so i wont go off topic.