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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VisionBall app for Apple's iOS–Touch-free motion-control basketball game. Your thoughts?

Hey guys. John Lucas here. The wild Nintendo prediction man from years ago (some may remember me, maybe not). Got some more of those coming by the way. Surprising ones.

In the meantime, I wanna see what y'all think about this app from Digital Rising?
To be real, Digital Rising is the parent company of the site I write for, (some of you guys remember Popzara working with VGChartz in the past).
I think it's a pretty snazzy little app myself. I was impressed when the designers showed it to me so I wanna see what y'all think.

It's called VisionBall & it's basically like the effect of a Kinect right there on your iPhone 4. Or iPad 2 or iPod Touch 4 whichever you like.

You can shoot basketballs by waving your hand in front of the screen. Basically motion-control basketball that reminds you of those Pop-A-Shot games at those arcade funzones.
But the magic is that the ability to have this Kinect-like motion-control is ALL WITHIN THE APP! It's built into the program! No outside gadget necessary!

It's the FIRST and ONLY Touch-Free Motion-Control app ANYWHERE on the App Store.

So check it out, play it—it's Free—& send some feedback so they can refine the app for better.
I think this can be a revolutionary technology & your feedback can help usher in a whole new set of uses & games from this tech.

Here's the link to the app & here's another picture.

John Lucas

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I'm not impressed. The tracking seemed pretty good in the pre-game demonstration, but once I actually tried to play the game, my virtual hand was jittering all over and there was absolutely no way to reliably release the ball for a throw.

Honestly, I don't think camera control is at all suited for mobile devices. Do you how much time my devices spend in use flat on a level surface? Absolutely none. These devices are meant to be held, propped up on a leg or tilted toward a user. The devices are meant to be moved, and that's not compatible with a camera that needs to be steady. Kinect works because nobody wants to play a game within arms length of a TV, but mobile devices are meant to be within arms length all the time.

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