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I read this article today and thought it was a good read, the guy makes some good points.

What do you guys think?

So everyone on the Internwebs is mad the Halo CE 10th anniversary has Kinect support. Why?

It’s an optional feature that won’t change anything for those playing with the original controllers. Microsoft is not forcing anyone to play this game with Kinect. Why are people so mad about something that isn’t mandatory? Is it a fear of change? Or just another reason to just complain?

I attended Microsoft’s E3 press conference two weeks ago, and honestly, it wasn’t their greatest, but I think they did a great job of showing us what gamers demanded last year.

Remember a year ago, when Microsoft showed us demos of Kinect? Gamers were complaining there were “too many casual games, not enough for the hardcore.” A year later, they give us what we demanded, but people are once again mad about there being too many games for Kinect. Compare last year’s press conference to this year: Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon, Forza 4, etc. All these games feature Kinect as “optional” and won’t change the original game experience. We still have gamers upset on something so small.

Just last week, Child Of Eden came out, and you have two ways to play the game: with Kinect or with the controller. Some people think this game was created for Kinect from scratch. But according to Q Entertainment, they started this project with the controller in mind. Microsoft traveled to Japan to show them  Kinect to see if they could start working on games before they announce their new camera device to the world. But after playing Child Of Eden for more than a week now, I’ve got to say this game plays better with this camera device than the controller. Perhaps not every game will play better with Kinect, but I think Q Entertainment took their time to make this feel like it was  meant for Kinect.

As an owner of Kinect, I’m happy to see better games coming out later this year. For some of these games, you’ll need Kinect; for others, you won’t. When this launched last year, the only two games I played the most were Dance Central and Kinect Sports. At least Microsoft hasn’t stopped making games for Kinect. Just imagine if they decided not to make any more games for this device. Would you also complain about that too? There are millions of Kinect owners out there that paid for this device. Some waited in line for it. And how about the new gamers that also came to the scene? All of them would want to see more support from Microsoft and other gaming companies instead of leaving them with nothing.

At the end of the day, gaming companies can’t make everyone happy. But, like I’ve said from the beginning, you have an option. If this isn’t mandatory, then why get so mad? Let others that are owners enjoy their Kinect experience.

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Well I personally do not find it to be a big deal at all if it is optional, similar to what is done with Move titles. I actually support that idea most.

However, I do know of but one on these forums that would trade Kinect support for the rest of the multiplayer maps that should be present in a Halo CE remake.

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Because anything that gives people the opportunity to have fun in a way that i don't care to have fun is a personal insult

And i don't like being personally insulted.

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lol at Mr Khan.

Gaming is only for core gamers.

People who game casually and like genres that are considered casual do not deserve to be catered to.

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I always wonder the same since day one... same with people bitching about kinect or kinect games being crappy and that don't even have one or don't wish to have one what so ever.... if you don't like it we don't need your point of view.... and why are they mad if kinect games are crappy since they don't own one and have no interest in buying one.....

I think it has more to do with core gamers not asking for something like Kinect in games like FPSs, and now at the very least a small amount of development funds will be set aside for a feature that there was no demand for in core games.

Mr Khan said:
Because anything that gives people the opportunity to have fun in a way that i don't care to have fun is a personal insult

And i don't like being personally insulted.

excellent! Where were you when the Playstation Move was being trashed?

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Because Kinect will bring teh n00bz, and n00bz are teh sux0rz!!!11!!!

Wow I didn't know Halo CEA would have Kinect support.

But to answer your question its because people love to hate on anything to do with Kinect.