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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix’s E3 2011 lineup

incredible lineup.

Shame there is no Versus though.

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No vXIII =/

VivaLaWiida said:

Lightning is supposed to be dead? OMG!!!!!

I think it's obvious that she won't be dead :P




A banner stolen from some site xD

Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P

Forget Versus XIII for now (nomura said so in the dengeki back in Jan people), it was obvious that won't be at E3, and please let them take their time on it, Nomura said that they are doing something special, let them. If they rush it you'll have another FFXIV.

Now more importantly, where the f**** is FF TYPE-0?

Its meant to come out summer 2011 on no western release this year?

This either means its being ported to NGP for the West (YAY) or I dunno but I MUST HAVE THAT GAME!

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I'm confused. People say "no versus", but what is FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 then?

Is there three Final Fantasy 13's planned???

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VivaLaWiida said:

Lightning is supposed to be dead? OMG!!!!!

No she isn't, did you see the first trailer for the game? She is in it.

Serah better not be the main character, I was hoping she wouldn't even be playable.

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VXIII said:
Euphoria14 said:

If Versus XIII really doesn't make an appearance...

This is getting ridiculous now.


Final Fantasy Forever...

At least it can't go multiplatform now :p

Seriously , we new it won't be there , Nomura made it clear" forget about Versus for now "

yupp...really dont know why people complaining...i think we will see more a release date for it on TGS later this year...

No Dragon Quest X, don't care.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



On TOpic:

Best Lineup by anyone except SONY...

-Sequel to one of my fav games of this gen

-Deus Ex which looks amazing

-Tomb Raider reboot

- Hope of FF Type-0 to be there which looks phenomenol

SE You are the King of the dome of my hearts for the 3rd time in a row.

I hope you announce something that is PS3 exclusive

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