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Is Crysis 2 the best looking console game?

no 143 28.77%
yes 189 38.03%
no, but best xbox game 165 33.20%

Choppy water effect, there is none in Crysis 2. Killzone 3 any water you walk in does have ripples but its pixilated, and shoot the water in killzone 3 you will see a big difference in the way it looks vs Crysis. Those big crashing waves in kz look good from far way but look up close. Both games have flat textures but I swear killzone has more. I just don't see what people see in Killzone 3 the explosions are nerfed from killzone 2. The explosions in Crysis take a dump on kz.



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63% agree on it not being best on the PS3 ^_^.

No, Killzone 3 is the best looking console game.

I'm not sure. From what I've seen in real life Crysis 2 looks about the same as Killzone 3.

IMO Crysis 2 = Killzone 3 > Killzone 2 > Uncharted 2 = Mass Effect 2 > God of War 3 = Gears of War 2 > A lot

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