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dsister said:

Aren't PCs far more powerful than consoles? Obviously it's just poor developer skills...

Maybe secretly longing to make movies would play a factor in that.

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hmm I wonder if Kojima Productions are actually developing the other versions at all, it is possible that they are employing another developer to port the game to the other platforms and are just developing the PS3 version them selves. That would explain why they think that the PS3 version will be better...

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^^^that would really piss off PC and 360 gamers

Def not caring about this game yet, its too far out for me to worry... lets worry about 2011 first. And who cares which looks better, i care for which plays better..... 

I refuse to buy any game that is a shitty port  because of the lazy devs.

Sound familiar?

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this was expected

this game is probly gona suck ass anyway kojima isnt even the director some other guy is and in an interveiw the director says that we shouldnt have cutscenes in the game... srsly no cutscenes?!?! wtf this is madness! kojima needs to sack this guy asap before things get way to out of hand


full interveiw here


EDIT: whoops wrong link >.>