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2011 for the Xbox 360 only sees a few core franchises being continued with the likes of Gears of War 3, and the rest of the console’s line-up consisting of Kinect games. Now, VGHQ takes a look into the unannounced titles for the platform.


#10 – Lost Odyssey 2


#9 – Killer Instinct 3


#8 – Blood Wake


#7 – Halo Wars 2


#6 – Conker 3


#5 – Banjo 3


#4 – Project Gotham Racing 5


#3 – Kameo 2


#2 – Alan Wake 2


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I know it's the title of the article but change the title of the thread because it will only cause a pointless war

#3 Kameo 2? Seriously? I think Perfect Dark 3, Jet Force Gemini 2 or Age of Empires 360 would be more fearsome.

I guess Halo 4 could be announced at E3 2011 (with a little teaser or something similar), Halo Wars 2 and a new Banjo game (wouldn't it already be the 4th?) are also possibilities IMO. About the others... well... I don't know. I'd like to see Alan Wake 2 being announced, bought Alan Wake recently and loved it.

The only thing that makes me confused is... why should PS3 fans care if these games are announced soon? (this is not a really serious question, but... you know what I mean)

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