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Kinect UK price dips under magic £100 mark!
Industry luminaries predicted it, and now it's happened: The UK price of Microsoft's Kinect has dipped below £100. 
Despite no official price cut, the price tag of the peripheral has been slashed at nearly every major UK retailer. 
GAME is selling the device for £109.99 - £20 less than its SRP. Meanwhile, Amazon goes for a £104.40 price point, offers a £118.99 deal and goes as low as £109.85. 
Of the other major retailers, is the first to plunge under the £100 barrier - with an eye-catching £99 offer. 
The likes of Curry's, Argos and others on the High Street continue to carry a full price cost of £129.99 - but it is looking unlikely they will be able to continue selling at this level and stay competitive. (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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£99 is pretty good, il get one as soon as it hit £49.99

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Now if only they can start dropping the price of Kinect in the US.

I don't know if they're still doing it, but Argos were selling Kinect for £130 with Kinectimals, Joy ride and Forza 3(odd choice) bundled for free.

sooo many multiple threads these days. This is a double, there was already one up


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