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fps_d0minat0r said:

what planet are you living on?

games have much more replay value now than they did before.....we are seeing many games with level creators and things like customisation is expected of all games.

things like graphics, physics, AI all of which impact gameplay are continuously improving. This leads to games where even if you play the same level twice, it feels different........this was not the case in older games which were repetitive, standardised and predictable.

downgraded.....yeah right.

the reason why there is no dramatic change is because people dont like change so it has to happen slowly. i bet next gen every fps will have a weighty feel like killzone even though this gen people dont like it because their used to hovering cameras.

Level editors have been common on PC since early 90s at least. You speak of customization? Not related to PC vs. consoles, it's more related to tech. But speaking of customization, can you still fully customize controls on consoles? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Graphics don't impact gameplay at all. Physics do somewhat, but guess where physics was first? Yeah, PC. I don't think consoles had much physics in 2004 or so. AI is something that naturally improves along with tech but I still don't see it having a big impact on gameplay. No, usually modern games don't feel different every time you play them, they feel the same. I associate this with more linear experience. There are sandbox games and then there are exteremely linear games like 'corridor shooters'. I think your precious Killzone might be one.

fps_d0minat0r said:

and yes KZ is AAA material......floaty cameras with toy guns attached to them *cough* source engine *cough* are not. i can understand quake and UT (my best fps of that time) having them but when newer games like L4D have it, it tells you a lot about how much pc gaming has really improved. then we look at games like starcraft 2 ....i mean starcraft 1.5 where theres hardly been an improvement given the number of years.

You have a problem with floating cameras? Go play more realistic games. Oh, you don't have those on consoles, you'd have to get a PC to be able to play them. Besides, while heavier controls might be better in some cases, slow responsiveness is not a good thing and I usually see that in sloppy console ports. You really notice it when you use mouse. Anyway, there's a place for lighter controls and there's a place for heavier controls but it doesn't determine the quality of the game.

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PC games are some of the most replayable games in the business, because while graphics and physics and stories change, good gameplay doesn't.  Look at the 3 games being played in the intel extreme masters - CS 1.6, Starcraft 2, and Quakelive, all which have a 10 plus year legacy.

That's why a lot of console "AAA" are just all flash, no substance.  Good games are easy to play, hard to master.  Modern games are easy to play...and that's about it.

ssj12 said:

If its not a COD clone, its a Halo clone. Honestly, I wish more games copied Half-Life 2 or Resistance or Killzone.

Resistance: Fall of Man or Killzone 1, I would definitely like more of. But Resistance 2 or Killzone 2? No way in hell.

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