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Forums - Sales Discussion - I just realized that Nintendo will stay in first place for a long time

RolStoppable said:

I am right.

What I was wrong about was that I assumed that Nintendo wouldn't repeat the same mistakes again so soon, hence the thread title. But you will notice that I outlined two scenarios in my original post. One where Nintendo would stay on top by continuing the mission they started with the Wii (that is expanding gaming) and another one where they would fail, because they decide to go after the hardcore gamers again. This year's E3 sealed the deal on where Nintendo's going in the next five or so years.

they are repeating the same mistake, sadly that sucks i loved the wii/ds direction ninty took

maybe they can make some super amazing games to counter it though instead of just amazing ones though, cross my fingerss

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Venji said:

The current wii can't support this controller. The wiiU supports at least 5 way Multiplayer, which is kind of cool.  They haven't actually shown ANY first party games yet. Only smash brothers have been mentioned.   I agree that only one New Controller per system is crazy but they are looking into changing this, however thats the "U" part of the console and the old WiiMote/nunchuck is the "Wii" part.  Is it a good idea? No idea, I haven't seen enough yet.  Really and truly we need to see the first party launch game, and if THAT interests people half as much as Wii Sports then Nintendo has a winner, if not, it's going to be just "ok".

The third party games is a major reason for the WiiU's design, but this isn't a bad thing, or at least it doesn't have to be. Improved graphics isn't the best reason to upgrade but at least it is a vaild one.  A game system that is flexiable enough to support a wide range of game designs might be a good thing, motion controlled gaming practically forced 3rd parties to make games to use that tech, even games that didn't naturally use it.

This was a bold idea by Nintendo but in many cases it didn't work. So now Nintendo is giving companies the option of many different control methods - and hopefully the games they will create will offer us this choice too. ( I really hope game designers will let us use IR from the Wiimote instead of just Dual sticks for FPS games!!)

It has to be noted that quite a lot of Super Mario Brothers Mii has been demoed, I saw quite a long Youtube vid. My gut feeling says that you believe this will really come out but your feeling too annoyed at nintendo to admit it  But if your so sure..then I'll offer you a bet that a 2D mario bros will be either be out or at least announced for WiiU within a year of the consoles release.   Signature Bet. 

You mean the current Wii can't support this controller in a five people multiplayer way, right? That isn't exactly a good reason to make people buy a whole new console. Nintendo's Wii U presentation was poor all around.

Don't buy into the lame excuses third parties made in order to not support the Wii. That console offered different control methods as soon as it launched. Sure, developers had to think up a control scheme for the Wiimote/Nunchuk, because that was the standard controller that came with every system, but nothing stopped them from supporting the Classic Controller as well. Isn't it amazing how a launch window fighting game like Guilty Gear does exactly that while later games apparently don't come to the Wii due to its controller that isn't suited for such titles?

Third parties have been acting just like hardcore gamers who refuse to play Nintendo systems. It's obvious that they do not like Nintendo, but they try to mask it by coming up with "valid" excuses. The thing is that Nintendo doesn't even need third parties to have a successful console. It was Nintendo who made the Wii successful and if they had released more games we wouldn't have to have suffered through so many droughts. There are plenty of Wii games Nintendo released only in one or two regions and then there's Skyward Sword, a game that had over 200 people directly working on it over the course of five years. Now imagine what all those people could have made, if nowadays Zelda wouldn't take so long to complete.

Regarding the bet, I'll have to take a look at the demos first. I'll come back to it, if I don't forget about it.

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Since the N64, people have bought Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games. People will buy the Wii U when they realize they can't play the next NSMB on Wii. Nintendo's goal is to obviously cater to 3rd parties and get massive support as well. If You have first party Nintendo games, and all major 3rd party games, then why would you need any other console?

Everyone acts like Nintendo needs to cater to the casuals to survive, and yet Sony get's away with making solely hardcore systems (PS1, 2, 3) that sell to the masses (ps1,2) yet Nintendo can't do the same? Why was the PS2 such a success? It had all the third party developers and was easy to develop for. Why did it get all the third party support? probably because it carried over from PS1 where third parties jumped ship from Nintendo because they didn't want to use cartridges. Now that MS is solid competition, that PS2 is market is split between the two with Nintendo picking up all the casual gamers.

If Nintendo truly does get third party support next generation, I see no reason why it won't be successful. They are trying to innovate with the controller to capture the casual audience once again. They are making it more powerful to capture the hardcore audience. The only way to get a dominant system is to have both, and Nintendo might pull it off. IF MS/Sony launch late (2014+) Then Nintendo will have 2 years of being the graphics king. Which could be enough to get a significant hardware lead and established software library.

My guess is that the system will launch with 2 controllers packed in, one wii remote plus+nunchuck plus the new controller. I expect it to be $400, but I don't think price will be an issue. Consoles were $200 in the NES days which is probably more expensive than $400 today. Also, casual consumers shell out way more for an IPad which sells a ton.

If Nintendo solely went after the casual audience again, they would probably be in last place next generation. If they solely went hardcore, they would probably fall behind because they can't compete with Sony/MS's deep pockets. By doing both they can come out ahead. What they are doing now is what needed to be done, and how it plays out? we will have to wait and see.

Either way, I can see a much closer race between all 3 if Sony/MS launch in 2013. If they launch in 2014 or later. I can see Wii U selling 100 million+ with the other two in the 60-70 range as in this generation.