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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you ashamed of playing Nintendo games?

I am on a first-name basis with Gamestop managers in three states and have an open charge account at one of the independent stores in town.

So I have never been ashamed of playing video games.  I stopped at a Toys R Us with a blind date. I bought video games while on my honeymoon. 

The closest that I have ever being ashamed came ... I forgot what I was going to say.

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Pineapple said:
Lynx said:

This feeling is unfortuately the maifistation of years of Sony (and before that, SEGA) marketing.  For how many years have we been bombarded by messages that Nitendo is kiddie, only children play Nintendo games, or that if you are a "big boy" your can play these other games that will give you affirmation about you being a tough, grown up who can handle "mature" games".

I am working on my M.A. in Psychology (research and analysis) and can spot some of these interesting tendencies that we funny creatures called humans are so prone to fall into.  In this instance, what is likely happening is the propaganda effect.  The "propaganda effect" is when reapeted exposures to a message, whether factual or erroneous,  leads individuals to believe the message more over time.  One can imagine easily that after years of advertizing that the desired effect has affected many people.

Thankfully, if you are aware of how some psychological processes happen you have a much better chance of not falling into erroneous thinking.

I actually think that's quite correct. I don't really have anything to say to that better than "well said", so well, uhm.. Well said!

this is my case.I stopped caring after 18 nearly 10  years ago.Free yourself from the ones missinformed, not only about your gaming prefferences but everything.If you enjoy collecting miniatures do it, its one of the steps toward feeling really happier overall.And the people who care about me, enjoy the same than I do.

More so, I'm ashamed I don't really care about Nintendo games.

I mean the masses go ape shit for them and I can barely muster up the interest to finish them.

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kopstudent89 said:

Hell no... and even though people in my country think it's kiddy, i for one dont. Stand up tall man :)

i agree with you dude

who cares what people think i love these games.