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What will sell better PS Move or MS kinect

Ps Move 796 66.28%
MS Kinect 405 33.72%

My guess would be Kinect.  Based on the interested "Natal" generated last year.  Also it has more advertisement potential, it's new, different.  Move might get stuck in the wii-like area, so wii households won't probably see the purpose. 

In the end though, I think both will fail to get the same level of mainstream/casual exitement the Wii generated when it first came out.

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Casual people don't want another wii remote. They want to try the next coolest thing, Kinect. Kinect has better marketing. Not many people have heard of Move, only in this site.

i'm fairly sure Kinect will sell better, first because i think the mass market wont look at the move as anything else than a more expensive wii, while Kinect will probrably be seen as something more new, not to mention MS marketing will push it a lot

Maybe Kinect will sell better, maybe Move will, but reasoning about this as if they are fighting each other is a badly stated problem, as Kinect is actually attacking Wii Balance Board or trying to find a part of the market where BB isn't the ideal controller, and Move is trying almost the same with WiiMote and WM Plus. And so it's also not only matter of the size of the potential market, but it must also be taken int account Nintendo's reaction, that will depend on how much its business could be damaged by either of them.

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In the end, its all about who will put their money where their mouth is. My friends father saw kinect and he was really interested in it. He said that it was cool, would like to try it, but he said he would never pay for it. since move has so many different pricing structures it kind of seems weird how move will win if it goes buy sales of just the controller or buy sales of the $100 bundle. Even with taxes both motion control methods will cost around $500 for anyone getting it from the get go. The Kinect will win if the casuals put up the cash. Move will win if the hardcore believe in the Sony enough.  I'm putting my money on Sony.

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