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BioWare’s yanked PS3 players hopes back down to earth, saying that “the Unreal Engine is cross platform, hence the PS3 code. This was brought up back in Mass Effect 1 days as well.” Thanks, Soong.


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lol but the code is related to state of the game(mass effect) and not engine beside they are in two different folders .




haha. Bioshock scenario all over again. But at least they don't outright deny 2K style that its definitely not coming ... then BAM... Ps3 version

They obviously cant say "yes its true - its coming to the PS3" only a week after the game launched

SpartanFX said:
lol but the code is related to state of the game(mass effect) and not engine beside they are in two different folders .

that's library's not folders.

On topic: nice spin bioware, like others have said this is based on the state of the game, they have to say this otherwise they would be in big trouble

it's the future of handheld


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He specifically said like Mass Effect 1. Given that is from Bioware, it is a far more relevant point of comparison than Bioshock.

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If it comes, it comes. There is nothing Bioware can say -- other that outright confirming it -- that will be taken at face value at this point. They are either obfuscating to fulfil contract obligations or to ensure PC and 360 sales or not impacted, or they aren't. We do not know. Whatever the truth, people will continue to argue until the game is confirmed for PS3, or it slowly becomes obvious it isn't happening. Only time will tell.

Look to Kojima and MGS4 on 360 for a comparison. Many fans were absolutely convinced it would happen. It didn't. Then again, look to Bioshock or the GTA DLC on PS3 for contrary examples. Many said it could never, would never happen. It did. These show we simply can't be sure about anything.

So, to conclude: if you want to play ME, buy it for PC or 360 now. It's worth it. ME1 is some awesome sci-fi RPGing (albeit with many flaws). ME2 is a smashing shooter (with RPGing strapped on, but far less in evidence). If you only have a PS3 and have no desire to pay-out for a 360 or PS3: currently, you simply have to do without. That may not always be the case, or it may. But I wouldn't be betting on ME on PS3, as it's be a pretty unsafe bet, just as MGS4 was an unsafe bet.

What they seem to be ducking, Starcraft, is that while Unreal is cross-platform, in its vanilla state it wouldn't contain .INI references to renegade/paragon - that would be added by the developer specifically for their game.

As I see it having modded the Unreal engine there are two options:

1 - the current middleware automatically creates entries for all platforms, and it's up to the developer to remove them or ignore them if unused. This is plausible, and would explain the mass effect specific entries. However, a potential flaw for this is that the code would be littered with PS3 references which it isn't. However, however, Bioware could have tidied up the .INI file to remove the automatically generated PS3 references and missed a few, which seems plausible.

2 - they're fibbing a bit and at some point did either add the entries (perhaps asked by EA to check out implication of PS3 support) or test out the title for PS3 at some point, then didn't completely tidy up the .INI files and missed a few redundant PS3 entries.

As I've said in other threads, I doubt this proves ME2 will hit PS3, but the Mass Effect 2 specific entries indicate something interesting may have taken place at some point, and they didn't fully clear up afterwards.

But just saying the middleware is cross-platform doesn't actually fully explain those game specific entries.

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Weaaaa, PS3 Mass Effect... :) this is not my type of game... but... be welcome ME!

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BioShock: PS3 Data Found in .ini File.

2k:Bioshock never comming to ps3, never ever.

Bioshock confirmed for ps3


Ps3 code found in Mass effect.

Bioware denies/EA no comment


Mass effect officially announced for ps3......

Link - in progress.

Like I said in the other thread Deja vu.