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"Using photos looks lazy."

The original game used sprites made from photos, same as Mortal Kombat.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs

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I wasn't really excited till I saw this pictures.
Looks like it'll be crazy fun!

Looks like fun. Never played NBA Jam. I take it this is a 2.5D game like NSMBW/SFIV/TvsC?

If it's fun and easy to play and has multiplayer (I assume at least 2) this should easily become the best selling NBA on Wii. Perhaps on any system.


i'm not digging it, looks pretty bad. Reminds me more of Hangtime rather than JAM

That so awesome and funny, it looks like they kept their retro feel which is good.
Now give me game play videos!

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gansito said:
i'm not digging it, looks pretty bad. Reminds me more of Hangtime rather than JAM

Looking/playing in the same vein of my favorite game of all time is definitely not a "pretty bad" thing, at least to me obviously.  I think the screens look cool.  The original had excellent animation and (much more importantly) impeccable gameplay.  I am stoked about this game.  If they make it right it could give me many hours of fun as I've played literally thousands of games of NBA Hangtime.

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Odd style. I'll wait to see it in action.

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I'm not digging it so much, but like people have stated you need to see it in motion so I'm waiting for that.

I mean technically it looks better than a lot of the other NBA games on Wii, you have the soft shadows that aren't freaking circles, you have the reflections on the court, and the models aren't that bad, but that ain't saying much since the other NBA games look rather bad.

I need to see it in motion, better yet play it, I really haven't had an arcade basketball game in a while, this could be the next NBA Street just with retro flare. So I am wanting it and feel there is a market for it, here's hoping it's not bad. (Is rather wary after past promising games)

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Official screens:

haha this looks awesome loving the facial reactions .