What do you think of nintendo week?

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What do you think of nintendo week?

Too much fluff in the sho... 15 50.00%
Its great the way it is!!!! 8 26.67%
I wish they gave out more insider info 7 23.33%
Told you more about games shown. 0 0.00%

So since I'm starting up a new show on youtube called wii week news http://www.youtube.com/user/nintendowiiweekify as seen in this link debuting feb 15.

I thought what better way to serve people by asking them what they think of the current nintendo week and what things they should improve on.

My show will do the following when talking about games

show gameplay video of someone playing it

how much the game costs and where they can get it from something nintendo week does not do to push sales!

what the game is rated

and what the player review average and critic average is.

my standard is that they have at least a 7 or higher for critic and postive player reviews.

Thoughts on nintendo week

My biggest problem is lack of actual news on the show about games and that there is a lot of fluff. Sometimes it can be entertaining and sometimes they can go to far with it... another is the lack of third party games on the show and how they promote games that already sell well like new super mario bros wii over and over....

So those are my issues with it... what advice would you have for me

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Allison is hot

wow for a Contributor I sure dident contribute much to this conversation

I will agree but getting back to the topic here... what would you viewers like to see?

yeah I think Allison is hot.

Demonstrate who the audience is and who the game will appeal to.

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They don't show enough games and gary is annoying as hell so is allison sure shes good looking but other then that there both annoying as hell!

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I love watching Nintendo Week, its the best thing about Mondays. I really enjoy the humor, and that they focus on games that are fun

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we will have humor tied into the skits and the games are marketed towards anyone who ones a wii and wants to know about games so as you know the wii audience is very huge but the stardards set in place will avoid poor games...

Also I'm very serious about the marketing contest I really need help

And I am giving away 50 dollars worth of wii download games and they will be sent to your wii!!!

all you have to do is market us on a gaming website social site post a vid on youtube and so forth.

No spamming!!!!!

Hm, I'm starting to wonder if the main reason people even watch Nintendo Week is because of Allison.

I say it's fine the way it is, atleast IMO. It appeals to almost all viewers.


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Imphamis said:

Hm, I'm starting to wonder if the main reason people even watch Nintendo Week is because of Allison.

I say it's fine the way it is, atleast IMO. It appeals to almost all viewers.

except for straight women and gays


on a serious note i find its better than the god awful ninty news but i think that http://wiifolder.com/2010/01/the-pipeline-jan-30th-2010/ is sooooooooooooooo much better than both of them

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