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Infamous analyst Michael Pachter has hit out at the plot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, saying it's 'lame'. Speaking on the latest episode of The Bonus Round, Pachter said;

"I'm not going to do a spoiler on Modern Warfare 2 for the three people out there who didn't spend four hours to finish it. I thought the story on that game was as lame as any story I've ever seen in a game. I am still completely confused about all the plot twists and why all the characters do what they do. I hated the ending. You know, you end the game and it's like 'Now what?'. I just hated the story. The game itself was fun to play and the multiplayer was great, but, that's the best selling game of the year, and maybe the best selling game of all time with a complete crap story. With all respect to the Infinity Ward guys, beautiful game."

Personally, I didn't think the story was the best. But overall the single player campaign itself was lovely to play, but the multiplayer has been ruined by glitchers.

No doubt we'll have more headline quotes from Mr. Pachter this year.

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Maybe he is just stupid but i understood it very well after beating it twice and watching all the cutscenes.

Well...Those epic twists made story good..But heck I didin't know what I was doing and why I was doing it around 90% of time.



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well, compared to a story like Uncharted or Gears... MW2's story is crap

the best selling title ever again?
get over it, it won't be

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Since when was it "the best selling game of all time"?

Since the Wii (and pretty much every other console/handheld before) doesn't count!

I blame Wii Fit!

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+1 for patcher in my book.

How in the world does he think this will be the best selling game of all time? An off the cuff remark probably, but it just shows how little the 'analyst' knows about what sells generally, and just how much the top selling games have sold.

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since when is he a scenario critic? Try being a decent analyst before trying other jobs!

(that said, the story is indeed kind of crap)