Im really angry with the Japanese

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I've just seen this weeks SMG sales and the Wii sales because of it.

Lets just say that I dont think Ive ever been this angry about gaming before. Japanese gamers have just gotten there hands on one the most remarkable games ever made and they aint buying it like they should! They dont deserve a Wii if they dont buy this game, its as simple as that.

I know I shouldnt get myself into such a state because utimitly it wont effect my joyment when I eventually get the game. But still, Im angry and a little sad.

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I'd poke fun at the Japanese, but I'm sure there are a lot of Japanese people who are equally pissed about this.

"I mean, c'mon, Viva Pinata, a game with massive marketing, didn't sell worth a damn to the "sophisticated" 360 audience, despite near-universal praise--is that a sign that 360 owners are a bunch of casual ignoramuses that can't get their heads around a 'gardening' sim? Of course not. So let's please stop trying to micro-analyze one game out of hundreds and using it as the poster child for why good, non-1st party, games can't sell on Wii. (Everyone frequenting this site knows this is nonsense, and yet some of you just can't let it go because it's the only scab you have left to pick at after all your other "Wii will phail1!!1" straw men arguments have been put to the torch.)" - exindguy on Boom Blocks

It´s not like Nintendo will stop developing new Mario adventure titles because of this,so no need to get angry,it´s just a game.

That's a reason to be angry about nation becouse they don't buy game you like. Yep, they don't deserve wii, it's really a stupid nation even if with their IQ is around 105 (what's higher than European or American) and they actually inveted it.

Just skip your next karaoke session to express your objection. You will feel much better. Believe me.

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Maybe the Japanese thought Super Mario Galaxy was a 360 game?

We don't provide the 'easy to program for' console that they [developers] want, because 'easy to program for' means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so the question is what do you do for the rest of the nine and half years? It's a learning process. - SCEI president Kaz Hirai

It's a virus where you buy it and you play it with your friends and they're like, "Oh my God that's so cool, I'm gonna go buy it." So you stop playing it after two months, but they buy it and they stop playing it after two months but they've showed it to someone else who then go out and buy it and so on. Everyone I know bought one and nobody turns it on. - Epic Games president Mike Capps

We have a real culture of thrift. The goal that I had in bringing a lot of the packaged goods folks into Activision about 10 years ago was to take all the fun out of making video games. - Activision CEO Bobby Kotick


You're angry at them for SMG? I'm angry at them for not giving the 360 a chance.

Should then I be angry at americans for not buying more PS3 then ?

Sales? Where? Well I'm considering the Japanese very weird about this ever since the sales were dropping. All they're winding themselves up with are games from Square Enix and casual games, that's for sure.

And by the way... DON'T SAY I DIDN'T TELL YOU SO!!! I´ve predicted this as how the Japanese market is looking like for the past 2 months.

And yes... I´m "very" disappointed, I've got the game in myself today and its SO beautiful, SO nice, SO wonderful, SO cute... you're a real numskull if you own a WII and don't buy this game!

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You two, by that I mean Azzer and Legend, can get angry with people that couldn't careless what you think all you like. I will be too busy trying to find the time to play Mass Effect, Fire Emblem, Mario Galaxy, VF5, Puzzle Quest, Zack & Wiki, etc. etc. etc.