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The final figures for the Euro launch are in from Sony: UK: 173k France: 78k Spain: 75k Germany: 72k Italy: 64k Scandanavia: 52k Other regions: 60k Total: 574k Australia: 20k New Zealand: 5k Other regions: 20k Total "Others" launch - 619k

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Hmmm... I think I orginally predicted 750k, but this is pretty close I suppose. Lets give it a month to settle down, then we'll see where the figures are. On a side note - are these Sony figures to be "trusted"? They had better not be pulling "shipment" tricks on us again... :P

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Well it is estimated sell-through. The figures are just estimates like everything else - Sony will of course have a small degree of internal traking, they will presumably get figures from GFK and so on as well and will project. The figures are slightly (~5%) higher than we had but it doesn't really make a difference - they are impressive and as comprehensive as you are likely to get. Wii launch for comparison: UK: 105k France: 75k Germany: 49k Spain: 29k Italy: 20k Scandanavia: 23k Others: 24k Total: 325k

I understand your reservations about Sony reported numbers Shams. That said looking at Sony's numbers for the UK 173k versus the 165k that Chart Track reported. I'd be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well I still don´t believe in Sony but if vgcharts says the numbers are okay we can probably believe So it was a good start for Sony in Europe! Now they have to show how good they can survive in a marathon - this is gonna be fun to watch cause the big 3 should show us some real strength this time... Probably the shipment was really 1 million and not 700k and that´s why it seemed to be such a bad launch.

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Well ioi you had the numbers very straight !!I dont know how you do it but concerning the PS3 (and unlike the Wii and X360 ) you always out out very adjusted numbers .

By the way ,excellent numbers ,I expected something more but this will come in the coming days .

How do you mean?

ioi said: How do you mean?
I think he's just surprised that VGcharts had numbers very similar to the "official" sony numbers.

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Are the numbers just through the weekend?

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