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It's Madworld: Pervert Edition for PS3/360.

You can control a naked chick now.

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

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Soriku said:
appolose said:
I'm gonna go for broke and hope it's a new Okami game.®ion=All

Oh, I know about that one already; just need had a DS.

I'm more wanting of one that is 1) At least on the Wii 2) Developed by Kamiya himself 3) Stars Amaterasu.

Not that I'd skip on the DS one if I could, mind you!


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hYpnochronic said:
Remember, Mikami is supposedly working on a game with Suda 51. EA is publishing. I believe it's some sort of horror game (?). Here's hoping...

your right.