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Welcome to the TEKKEN DOJO!!!, I know there are a handful of us on this site that are dedicated or lookin to be dedicated to the TEKKEN series of fighting games.Here we can arange some tournsmen play, friendly battles, train with each other you name it all in the name of becoming better players. You dont have to be great, you dont have to be good, you dont even have to be decent just have spirit and some dedication.

Just aliitle about myself, Im a huuge TEKKEN fan i own everyone in the series. I love the Mishima's my favorite character is Kazuya followed by Jin then heihachi( though not as much now) i also like Bryan and lili and i  might try to learn Lars but idk. now i havent played tekken rigoursly since the 1st 3 i didnt like tekken 4 but still played it but not nearly as much as the others and though Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 DR were a great return to shape i just didnt get into to them as a result ive lost a alot of skill and didnt get a chance to master the new elements that came with im gettin my as kicked by CPU and online players( the good ones) so im on a mission to reclaim my talent with Kazuya and master the new Jin fighting style and i want to do so with human players that arent cheating cheap pricks

TEKKEN has lost of lingo and if you dont know it here it is:

1 left punch 2 right punch
3 left kick 4 right kick
5 tag button any any button but tag
f tap forward F hold forward
d tap down D hold down
b tap back B hold back
u tap up U hold up
d/f tap down forward D/F hold down forward
d/b tap down back D/B hold down back
u/f tap up forward U/F hold up forward
u/b tap up back U/B hold up back
qcf quarter circle forward qcb quarter circle back
hcf half circle forward hcb half circle back
FC full crouch animation WS while standing up
N joystick in neutral WR while running
SS side step either way SSL side step to left
SSR side step to right [  ] optional command
, followed by ~ immediately after
+ at the same time (  _  ) or
< delayed input = next in sequence
° push and hold button : requires just frame input
Grounded Postions
PLD play dead position face up & feet away
KND knockdown position face up & feet towards
SLD slide position face down & feet away
FCD face down position face down & feet towards
Move Properties
BT your back turned to the opponent
FF face forward towards opponent
OB forces opponent's back to face you
OC forces opponent into crouch
OS forces opponent's side to face you
JG juggle starter
BN bounce juggle starter
RC recover crouching after a move
RCj joystick modifier, need to hold D during the move to RC
CH requires a counter hit
DS double over stun
tap f to escape in most cases, you can usually launch opponent
FS fall back stun
tap f to escape in most cases, you can usually launch opponent
MS minor stun
various animations, in most cases doesn't lead to guaranteed hits
KS kneel stun
opponent is forced onto one knee, usually does not act as a combo starter
CS crumple stun
opponent crumples to the ground in front of you right away, usually acts as a combo starter
CF crumple fall
opponent stay briefly upright before slumping to the ground, usually acts a combo starter
CFS crumple fall stun
opponent is pushed away while crumping to the ground, can be a combo starter
BS block stun (to attacking character, ex. Law d/b+4)
SH stagger hit
GB guard break
opponent is immobalized briefly, the opponent usually has the offensive advantage
GB guard break (for move list prior to tekken 6)
indicates visual guard disturbance, but does not mean the opponent can't punish
TT throw transition (results in throw on hit)
TC technically crouching state
crouch status during this move cruches high attacks
TJ technically jumping state
jump status during this move crushes low attacks
HA homing attack
move tracks both left and right
B! this move cause bound state
bound moves usually also cause floor destuction
F! this move cause floor destruction
mostly for throws that don't cause a bound state but break floors
# see corresponding footnote
[2] hit modifier (eg RC[2] property applies to 2nd hit)
b Block modifier (eg. OCb opponent crouch on block)
c CH modifier (eg. JGc is a juggle starter on counter hit)
co crouching opponent modifier (eg. KSco)
cco CH on crouching opponent modifier (eg. FScco)
Hit Ranges
l hits low (block d/b)
m hits mid (block b)
s hits special mid (block d/b or b)
h hits high (block b or duck)
L hits low and grounded opponents (block d/b)
M hits mid and grounded opponents (block b)
S hits special mid and grounded opponents(block d/b or b)
H hits high and grounded opponents (block b or duck)
! unblockable hit
(!) unblockable hit which can be ducked
[!] unblockable hits grounded opponents
" indicates block point in string hits
Extra Combo Conventions
cc crouch cancel tap u or f,f while crouching
cd crouch dash f,N,d,d/f (usually)
iWS instant while standing d,d/b,N_d,d/f,N (usually)
wgf wind godfist f,N,d,d/f+2
ewgf electric wind godfist f,N,d~d/f+2
tgf thunder godfist f,N,d,d/f+1
big big character combo only works on big characters
(  ) missing hit is required for the next hit
Character Specific Conventions
BDS bad stomach Dr. Bosconovitch
FB fall back Dr. Bosconovitch
EFB electric fall back Dr. Bosconovitch
EFF electric fall fake Dr. Bosconovitch
HSP handstand position Eddy Gordo
RLX relaxed position Eddy Gordo
AOP art of phoenix Ling Xiaoyu - Lei Wulong
RDS rain dance stance Ling Xiaoyu
LFF left foot forward Hwoarang
RFF right foot forward Hwoarang
LFS left flamingo stance Hwoarang
RFS right flamingo stance Hwoarang
VTS vale tudo stance Craig Marduk
DSS dragon sign stance Marshall Law
DFS dragon fake step Marshall Law
HMS hit man stance Lee Chaolan - Violet
HBS hunting bear stance Kuma - Panda
ROL prowling grizzly roll Kuma - Panda
CRA art of crane Lei Wulong
SNA art of snake Lei Wulong
TGR art of tiger Lei Wulong
DGN art of dragon Lei Wulong
PAN art of panther Lei Wulong
DRU drunken master Lei Wulong
INS indian sit Yoshimitsu
FLE flea stance Yoshimitsu
DGF dragonfly stance Yoshimitsu
MED meditation Yoshimitsu
KIN kinchou stance Yoshimitsu
NSS no sword stance Yoshimitsu
FLA flamingo stance Baek Doo San
CES clockwise evasive spin Julia Chang
KNP kenpo step Feng Wei
STC shifting clouds Feng Wei
SDW shadow stance Raven
HAZ haze stance Raven
CDS crouching demon stance Jin Kazama
ALB albatross spin Steve Fox
DCK ducking Steve Fox
PKB peekaboo Steve Fox
SWY sway Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix
LWV left weave Steve Fox
RWV right weave Steve Fox
FLK flicker Steve Fox
SIT sit down Ganryu - Kuma - Panda
CJM chaos judgment Anna
HPF haze palm fist Asuka
LCT leg cutter Asuka
DES destroy form Alisa Bosconovitch
SBT single boot Alisa Bosconovitch
DBT dual boot Alisa Bosconovitch
SEN silent entry Lars Alexandersson
DEN dynamic entry Lars Alexandersson
SAV savage stance Miguel Caballero Rojo
TRT tarantula stance Zafina
MNT Mantis Stance Zafina
SCR scarecrow stance Zafina
MTS muay thai stance Bruce Irvin
ROC rocket stance Roger Jr.
AKS animal kick stance Roger Jr.
BAL spinning ball Bob

well be using tekkenzaibatsu alot so get familiar with it -

So TEKKEN community lets get to it..share your knowledge, skill and talent!

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Oh my gawd... thank you!

How do we message multiple ppl???

check them on your list of people you want to play with, sad to say though, other then staude and a few others not many are intersted in tekken 6 here on the chartz. :/

can ya walk me through it plz im lost

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Xxain said:
How do we message multiple ppl???

Find someone you want to PM. Push the message button. Add a semicolon after the original person's name(and after every subsequent person) start typing the name of whoever you want to PM. You should use the auto-fill for when you are typing in names

hey dsister44, seraphic you get my PM???

No. Did you type in my name or let it auto-fill out?

Tiger Dojo?

type your name in???