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Super Metroid

This game apparently sucked so hard that nobody even bothered to review it. According to Metacritic this game doesn't even exist. I still like it a lot though.

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Resistance: Fall of Man, granted my collection is only 6 games. I usually trade games in after I beat them and only keep the ones I loved.

Squilliam said:
Genji: Days of the Blade (55 meta) and Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (58 meta).

Wow, now I am playing Genji: days of the blade!!

Oh I didn't read the title correctly.

Well you already the know the lowest rated game I really enjoyed, but the lowest rated game I own is Yaris (17).
It was free though, so I don't know if it counts. Bad Day LA (28) came free with a PC magazine, but that was a gift from my brother....
The "worst" game I bought was Shellshock 2 (30).

EDIT: OMG I just saw Industry Giant (34) on the PC list. I was really addicted to that game.
Screw Too Human, this game deserves at least a 75 ! ( well it only has 5 reviews anyway...)

Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga (Wii) 34 Metacritic

Hell, it's my most played Wii game at 77 hours.

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Probably Transformers. My kids wanted it. Then they realized it sucks and haven't asked for another movie tie in game (lego excluded) since.

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I enjoyed Lost: Via Domus (54).

YuGiOh Forbidden Memories - 57
Suikoden IV - 63

I liked both games

Boutros said:
I enjoyed Lost: Via Domus (54).

you're a fan of the TV series ?

Barozi said:
Boutros said:
I enjoyed Lost: Via Domus (54).

you're a fan of the TV series ?


And I received Lost Season 5 in Blu-Ray for Christmas!!! lol