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gran turismo 5 or FF13 or 14 or god of war 3 such a hard decision lol

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Tales of Graces

tales of graces

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No Alan Wake love?

gran turismo 5, unless uncharted 3 comes out in 2k10 >.

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probably M>A>G

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Yakuza 3

Son1x said:
lestatdark said:
Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday or Lufia 2 DS remake if they both hit in 2009

For those with a known release date, Final Fantasy XIII

I don't think that will happen

I can always hope right? :D What if both come out this year? :O

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i would love Tales of Graces, but i could never NOT buy starcraft 2 first day/week.

Mass Effect 2 with blind eyes..